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Yavuz Pano Aydınlatma started manufacturing Low Voltage Panel Boards in 1989 and continued this long trade journey in Karaköy in 1989. Subsequently, the production carried on in Dudullu premisses with the wider product range and moved to Gebze Plant for larger production capacity and better services. Yavuz Pano Aydınlatma has a fair pride increasing the production rate and capacity.

Assuming a title of RELIABILITY is expensive and time-consuming process, sustainability is the hardest part. Yavuz Pano Aydınlatma keeps servicing for various types of bussiness fields such as Industrial facilities, Governmental bodies, Transportation, Textile, Energy….etc. together with exportation over 50 countries and improving the dealership network in Nationwide/ Worldwide, continuously.

  • Free Standing System Panels (FSS)

  • Wall Mounted Enclosures (WMS)

  • Control Panels

  • Polycarbonate Enclosures

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