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Paskuhan Sa ICI 2023

In a stunning display of creativity and festivity, the annual Paskuhan sa ICI and Thanksgiving Party of the Innovative Controls group of companies was joyously celebrated on December 22, 2023, at the ICI Headquarters. The venue was beautifully designed with a modern Bario Fiesta theme, creating an ambiance that truly immersed everyone in the festive spirit. Innovators showcased their impeccable style by wearing their finest modern Barong and Filipiniana attire, adding to the authenticity of the Bario Fiesta experience. The event's highlights included the recognition of the 2023 Annual Employee Service Award, an entertaining ICI Got Talent Yarn, and the exciting Premyo sa Bayong. It was an unforgettable evening that transported Innovators to the heart of a Bario Fiesta as the laughter and good fellowship filled the air, as all the Innovators came together to experience the true essence of paskong pinoy.

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