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Innovative Controls, Inc. - Davao Branch FAT

Solcon-IGELis thrilled to announce that Innovative Controls, Inc. - Davao Branch, Inc. (our partner in the Philippines) has successfully completed the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for the Motor Control Center (MCC) Panel designed for the Deepwell Facility in Sta. Rosa, Laguna!

Featuring the cutting-edge Solcon-IGEL low voltage soft starter - SI-Start, , this high-performance MCC Panel, along with a robust Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) boasting a 60hp power rating. Operating at 440V, 3 phase, and 60 Hz, it's set to elevate efficiency and performance at the facility.

👏🏽 Kudos to our incredible partner and their team for their dedication and expertise in making this project a reality.

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