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AP GMC Asean Partner Seminar

IN PHOTOS: Day 1 of the AP GMC Asean Partner Seminar held in Ninjang, China was a momentous occasion for Innovative Controls, Inc. We were delighted to be recognized with the prestigious "Outstanding Project Collaboration & Performance" award. Mr. John Rey Otico, our Product Manager for Drives and Motors, and Mr. Mario Mapalo, the Regional Manager of our Cagayan De Oro branch, were present at the event to accept the award and participate in the seminar.

Throughout the seminar, they engaged in fruitful discussions covering a wide range of topics, including the Motion Control Portfolio, Sinamics Frequency Converters V20, V19, G120, G130, S120, S150, MV Sinamics G180, and Drives DCM. Moreover, they were introduced to the exciting new Sinamics S200/S210 Servo Converters and G220.

The first day of the ASEAN Partner Seminar was a resounding success, and we eagerly anticipate the upcoming days, filled with even more valuable insights and opportunities.

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